January 11, 2021

The regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Palmer Township Hall, with Supervisors Ganz, Demeules and Larson present. Also present was Kelly McCann, Township Clerk. Roger Johnson, Treasurer and David Meyers, Township Attorney were not in attendance. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer’s Report: Chairman Ganz read the balances from the Treasurer's report. Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Supervisor Larson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. The reimbursement for mileage has changed for 2021 from .575 to .56 per mile. Chairman Ganz made a motion to accept the new mileage rate, Supervisor Demeules seconded it and the motion carried.

Sheriff’s Report: There was no representation from the Sheriff’s Department at the meeting.

Road Maintenance/Signs: Chairman Ganz reported that due the current weather conditions he will recommend that the plow drivers use straight sand on the roads when necessary. There have been issues with people parking on the lake roads with large vehicles and trailers which is becoming a safety hazard. Chairman Ganz will contact the Sheriff’s department to request patrolling along the lake roads especially on the weekends when people are trying to get on the lake for recreation. The parking ordinance has been placed on the website along with the MN state statutes prohibiting plowing snow across a public road.

Fire Department: Craig Miller reported there were 11 fire calls for the time period of 12/14/2020 – 1/11/2021. Four were for Palmer Township, 2 being medical, 1 auto accident and 1 fire alarm which was cancelled enroute. Supervisor Demeules reported that both he and Chairman Ganz attended the Fire Board meeting in which they approved the budget for 2021. The Fire Department received approximately $60,000 in Cares funding in which they were able to purchase additional suits and equipment. There were no further questions.

P.E.C: Nothing to report

Park Report: Supervisor Larson reported that they are continuing to cut and trim trees along the east side of the park. Chairman Ganz reported that there have been snowmobile tracks in the park and therefore we need to look into getting signs up prohibiting snowmobiles on park property. Kelly McCann, Township Clerk has been looking into possible solutions for reconstructing the Tennis Courts. She has reached out to numerous parks, schools and court reconstruction companies to get input on cost, layouts and advice on reconstruction. Majority of opinion is that Pickleball courts are being used significantly more than Tennis Courts at public parks. Kelly suggested getting input from the Palmer Community on the interest of having a pickleball court and/or tennis court at the park. If there is not a significant interest, another option would be to eliminate the court all together. Maureen Havert was in favor of getting the community involved. Kelly will put together an interest questionnaire on the website for Palmer Residents to comment. We will reach out to the community by posting a flyer at the store and bar, community social media and the local newspaper.

Lake Association: Supervisor Demeules reported that the annual mailing will be going out this month. The annual ice day on Lake Julia will be on February 6th. Healthy Lakes are finishing up with their 2021 goals. The BLCA and Healthy Lakes will be monitoring the Howard Weise property as Sherburne County is discussing the possibility of a regional park. Lake Management will no longer be doing individual resident spraying for weeds because of cost restraints. They will continue to do lake weed control for the TLID. Homeowners will be able to work with Lake Management to obtain permits and chemical to do it themselves. Information will be coming. Soil and Water will continue to monitor the Golden Clam population on a monthly basis. This was the evasive that was discovered last year at the Briggs Lake access. 

Legal Comments: Nothing to Report

Approval of Minutes: Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the December minutes as written. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.



1. Tri County Humane Society Renewal Contract: The Tri County Humane Society contract is up for renewal. There are no changes noted. Chairman Ganz made a motion to accept the contract for 2021, Supervisor Demeules seconded it and the motion carried.

2. Variance Request – John Reber PID # 40-413-0110 and 40-409-0010: 12033 42nd St. Mr. Reber is requesting a 5’ variance in setback from Lake Julia to construct an addition and garage. Mr. Reber stated he is building an addition on top of his current garage and adding an additional garage on the roadside of his property. He stated he will be removing a concrete pad, cinderblock wall and fireplace to improve his impervious surface. He plans on replacing trees when construction is complete. Supervisor Demeules will send comment to the county to address the flood plan certificate, impervious surface, runoff mitigation and the planting of trees upon completion of the project.


Chairman Ganz received an inquiry about the possibility of having a public computer at the town hall for people to have access to on Tuesday’s when the library is open. Kelly McCann stated that Roger Johnson mentioned if we decide to have one available it should be housed in the locked office and checked out and in with the clerk on days the office is open to reduce the risk of theft. Chairman Ganz will check with legal prior to implementing this request.

Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve claims #21001 - 21019, plus payroll, plus Connexus for a total of $23,556.26. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.

Chairman Ganz made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Demeules seconded and motion was carried. Meeting adjourned at 8.09 p.m.

Kelly McCann, Palmer Township Clerk                                                                                            Approved as reviewed February 8, 2021