July 13, 2020

The regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Palmer Township Hall, with Supervisors Ganz, Demeules and Larson present. Also present was Kelly McCann, Township Clerk, Roger Johnson, Treasurer and David Meyers, Township Attorney. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer’s Report: Roger Johnson read the balances from the Treasurer's report. Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Supervisor Larson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Sheriff’s Report: Captain Bob Stangler read the Statistic report for June 2020 in Palmer Township. There were 55 calls for service compared to 86 in 2019 and 93 in 2018. There were 8 traffic stops and 2 offenses charged by citation. No burglaries, theft or crashes with injury or property damage were reported. There were 5 boating complaints with one citation and one shooting felony for reckless discharge of a firearm. There were no DUI's, parking or property damage violations. Captain Stangler reported that due to CoVid they have seen less crime and traffic violations. There was a question as to the time frame a jet ski can operate. They can be on the lake one hour after sunrise and need to be off the lake one hour before sunset. There were no further questions.

Road Maintenance/Signs: Chairman Ganz reported that holes continue to be patched on township roads. He received a quote from Jeff Rhodes for seal coat, crack filling and striping the town hall parking lot. Quote came to $11,896.00. Chairman Ganz will get a quote from another company and report at the next meeting. The dirt work is complete on 54th Street. The contract for tar has been signed and returned to MN Paving. Supervisor Demeules will contact Otto to get a start date for the 1st layer of tar. There are two driveways remaining to complete in concrete. The 49th Street turnaround is complete. No Parking signs have been ordered and will be installed when they arrive. It was suggested that a reminder be placed on the website for residents to keep the brush away from their 911 signs so the emergency vehicles can easily locate their property.

Fire Department: Ron Koren reported that the Clear Lake Fire Department had 28 calls from June 8th through July 13th. Eight of those calls were for Palmer Township, 5 being medical, 1 auto accident, 1 gas leak and 1 power line down. The fire board met and reported that they have purchased 4 turnouts and have received a grant for 4 more. There are currently 27 firefighters and will be hiring at the end of the year, Station 2 had a firefighter that tested positive for CoVid last week. Station 2 was shut down and fumigated/sanitized. It is currently back up and running. Maureen Havert asked what the time frame for when you can burn with a 3 day burning permit. Chief Koren stated you can begin burning at 8:00 pm the day you receive your permit and it will end at 8:00 am on the 3rd day. There were no other questions for the fire department at this time.

P.E.C: No Change. Roger will continue to look into possible dates available in August and September through recycling vendors.

Park Report: The locks on the Pavilion doors have been working intermittently. Kelly will call Security Locksmith to come out and service the locks.

Lake Association: Supervisor Demeules reported that there is no general meeting in July. The Annual meeting will be held in August when new officers will be elected. Brat sales at McDonald Meats will be the weekend of July 23rd-25th.

Legal Comments: Nothing to Report

Approval of Minutes: Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the June minutes as written. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.


1. Boiler Update: Roger reported that he spoke with a representative from St. Cloud Refrigeration who recommended replacing the 5 elements that are bad but leaving the 4 goods ones in. He also recommended testing the system for any possible deficiencies prior to replacing the elements. It needs to be determined that the boiler will continue to function with new elements. Supervisor Larson will continue to get 2 quotes from other heating companies and report at the next meeting.


1. Appointment of Election Judges: The supervisors reviewed the list of names for the elections judges scheduled for the Primary and General elections of 2020. There are two new judges who will be trained prior to the Primary election. Chairman Ganz made a motion to appoint the names on the list of election judges. Supervisor Demeules seconded it and the motion carried.

2. Variance request septic system upgrade - Roberta Chelberg - 5306 100th Ave PID # 40-4025-0130

Ms. Chelberg is in the process of selling her property and is upgrading the septic system to a Class 3 along with removing the old septic system. She is requesting a 10' setback from the ROW. She is also requesting a 15" setback from the OHWL of Briggs Lake. A new deep well is also being drilled. Supervisor Demueles made a motion to send favorable comment to Sherburne County for both variance requests as presented as long as all county ordinances and regulations are followed. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.


Supervisor Larson has been looking into purchasing a used tar kettle for minor pot holes that can be repaired by the township. He is proposing purchasing a 14ft dump trailer in which a removable metal box can be added when patching needs to be done. The trailer itself also can be used for brushing when the tar box is not in use. He will continue to get a price range on used trailers and report at the next meeting.

Chairman Ganz made a motion to approve claims #20150 - 20171, plus payroll, Connexus and Vonn's Trucking for a total of $185,561.76. Supervisor Demeules seconded it and the motion carried.

Chairman Ganz made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Demeules seconded and motion was carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Kelly McCann, Palmer Township Clerk                                                              Approved as reviewed August 10, 2020